List of Publications

N.B. All books available for free in electronic format, by email.


Twilight of the Idols - Poetry by Piotr Stolarski, with Photographs by Thomas Balfe
A journey from nihilism, confronting Napoleon and Nietzsche. What is the 'Name of Beyond'? 

Heartspeak: A Contemplative Chorus - edited by Piotr Stolarski
Poetry by Piotr Stolarski, Tom Bentall, Monika Chmelova, Helen de Borchgrave, Sarah de Nordwall, Martin Earle, Jonathan Fordham, Sarah Fordham, Katie Golding, Justin Harmer, Michael Hoare, Jacqui Houlihan, Jean Hubert, Kaye Lee, Gabriel Olearnik, Karolina Stolarska, Andrew Thornton-Norris, Anna Verey, Catherine Cruz FMVD, Paula Jordao FMVD, Fr. Dominic White OP 
A Collection of Contemporary Christian Poetry dedicated to Blessed John Paul II

Rogue Elements: A Composite Worldview in Five Books - by Piotr Stolarski
May a philosophy of life be cobbled together from rogue elements as well as rough diamonds? My "Catholic Nietzschean" book, consisting of disparate writings. 

Militant/Theist: Poetic Highlights 2006-2011 - by Piotr Stolarski

A selection of my poems covering years of the PhD, suffering, and unemployment, among other themes. 


After History: On the Death of History, and the New Culture - by Piotr Stolarski
My paradigm shift from academic to non-academic history, with culture critique.

Christian Existentialist Fragments - by Piotr Stolarski

Being mostly blog postings from Christian Existentialist Medley (2011-2012).

The Book of Truth - poems by Piotr Stolarski

Hardback. "Whereof one cannot speak... one must not remain silent" - Dr. Piotr Stolarski. [Grey series]
£0. Free, only. If you want it, email me...

Nihilomaximus: Reflections in the smoky mirror of unbelief - by Felix Libertus
Doubt, anger, and nihilism distilled - bravely. A dangerous little book of 'negative theology'!  [Grey series]
£0. Free, only. If you want it, email me...


Substance of Accidents - by Piotr Stolarski
The accompanying volume to Christian Existentialist Fragments. Consists of blog postings from Christian Existentialist Medley (2011-2012). 

Ground of Being: Doubt, Faith, God - by Piotr Stolarski
A Christian Existentialist Manual.

Approaching Islam: A Christian Contribution to Dialogue - by Piotr Stolarski
My perspective on Islam and faith in the "Age of 9/11". 

The Death Book: A Christian Manual for Dying and Living - by Piotr Stolarski
Meditations, maxims, aphorisms, readings, poems on death and its overcoming in Christ. Designed for preparing for death honestly, and for living life wisely. 

Ealing in the 1960s - by Piotr Stolarski 
Ealing between the "swinging 60s" and the "other 60s". 


Ealing Church History Notes - by Piotr Stolarski
Notes for Church history researchers about all past and present churches and church-related premises in the London Borough of Ealing. 

Broken Roots - poetry by Piotr Stolarski
Faith, madness, suffering, Islam, etc.

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