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Polish Ealing

Polish Ealing

Polish Ealing: A Brief History, 1945-2015 (Tignarius Publications, 2016), 409pp.

From the back cover:

The London Borough of Ealing is home to the largest Polish
community in Europe outside Poland. In this, the first detailed
account of the Poles in Ealing in English, historian Piotr Stolarski
sheds light on the origins of the community, its development and
subsequent history after World War Two, including the impact of
migration to Ealing after Poland's E.U. accession in 2004. The
book delves into questions of Polish culture, memory, identity,
and generational change; including the local significance of
Polish Pope John Paul II, and Solidarity leader Lech Walesa. The
role of Ealing's Poles in the fight for freedom under Communism,
and the ways in which Poles have integrated yet remained a
distinctive ethnic community in Ealing, are among many other
topics of discussion. With 93 illustrations.

Dr. Piotr Stolarski was born in Gdansk, Poland, in 1980, and has
lived in Acton since 1983. A Polish and British citizen, he
currently works at the Ealing Local History Centre, London.

I work at the Ealing Local History Centre; the archive of the London Borough of Ealing.

Ealing has the largest Polish community in Europe outside Poland, with about 30,000 Poles out of a total population of 350,000.

My latest book is a history of Ealing's Polish community, from World War Two to 2015. This is the first book in English to cover the community in any depth or detail. I will give a talk on the subject in 2017 at Ealing Central Library.

The book is priced at £10. Available at:, or from Ealing Local History Centre.

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