Tuesday, 19 November 2013

In the Pipeline: Tignarius/Evangelisation!

After Ealing in the 1960s.... what? An anticlimax? A joy? Satisfaction? Probably all three. If you see my Homepage (www.piotrstolarski.blogspot.com) you can see that the Three Colours: Faith series has been born out of the association of Tignarius Publications and my evangelisation work (more of which on the Christian Existentialist Medley blog - cf. links). 

I now propose to separate out this evangelisation work on an operational basis, and produce the same books as always, but specifically designed for and targeted at particular audiences. Yet they should remain usable by a wide range of people. They are to be given out for free and ad hoc to anyone interested in them... after engaging people in free conversation. 


FULL MEASURE GOSPEL (2013): a simple book incorporating parts of the New Testament. Designed for all, as an introduction to the Christian faith. Especially useful for the less well-educated, people with limited English, or those of other religions. 

LOVE SUPREME, THE CHRISTIAN REVOLUTION (2013): designed for 'political' use. In other words, for those with ideological commitments but no faith. Otherwise, good for focusing the reasons for becoming a Christian in the modern world of today.

GROUND OF BEING (2013): a Christian Existentialist manual. Designed for advanced thinkers with knowledge of Christian faith, this book is an enchiridion and contains short reflections and maxims/aphorisms. Born from an engagement with Nietzsche.

APPROACHING ISLAM (2013): my response to Islam in the "Age of 9/11". Could be coupled with an "Injil" ([Full Measure] Gospel) to put the Christian case across to Muslims. This book is my Christian contribution to dialogue with the Muslims, whom I admire. 

CROSS POEMS (2013): poems on suffering, with brief reflections concerning the faith appended. Good for those with a short attention span, as very short. 

HEARTSPEAK (2011): poems from 22 Christian poets, edited by yours truly. Good for inter-denominational dialogue. 

TWILIGHT OF THE IDOLS (2011): a journey from Nihilism, confronting Napoleon and Nietzsche, together with the darkest thoughts imaginable. Destination? Christ! This book is again influenced by Nietzsche, but transcends him completely. A Dark Night of the Soul - not one for the feint-hearted. 

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